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Swagbaru #169 – Wagon Wednesday Vol. 38 Race Foz

Just came across this now. I want more!


Swagbaru #168 – Wagon Wednesday Vol. 37 Jesse’s Forester

Here is Jesse’s dropped SF Forester. He has only had the car for 2 months and has already started to do a lot of work aesthetically and exhaust work to the car, he also shows no sign of stopping anytime soon with more plans and parts coming in for the car such as Legacy GT wheels, more exhaust work and tein springs for his WRX struts. I really love the candy red taillights on this! Jesse is no stranger to Subaru’s as this is his fourth one after having 2 Imprezas and a Legacy GT.

Here is Jesse’s car updated!

Jesse also sent me this cool drawing he did, thanks again Jesse!

Swagbaru #167 – Cruise to Hypermeet

I apologize for the late and lack of posts, I was on vacation and now I’m getting settled again back at school away from home.
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Here are the pictures from the cruise most of the pictures I took (the ones with the SWAGBARU logo), the others were taken by Brooke W. with the exception of a couple I will point out.

If you missed it already here are the picture from the Pre-meet for the cruise to hypermeet

I forgot to add the video! All credit to David

Here is a photo by Jamie S. I found on Facebook of the pre-meet. I should have done this as my phone has this feature too.

I was digging this White WRX Sedan and followed the Black 07 Impreza wagon for most of the way (has a STi Swap with stealth FMIC, scoopless)

Subies infront

And behind

STi’s from heaven and hell

Hell in the rear-view

Lined up

One of my favourite shots, you can see me way up there, photo by Brooke

A couple shots of others:
Josh even lower with an APR Lip kit

Tareq in the STi from Hell with the 2nd messed up paint job 😦


Subaru’s as far as the eye can see

A couple of me the first two by Brooke and the last by Mike L.

Stock height 😦

Swagbaru #166 – Pre-Meet for the Hyper Meet Cruise

Here are just the photos from the meet at the Scarborough Town Centre we had before we cruised out to the 401 Westbound to Subaru Canada HQ (Mississauga). Over 60 replied on the forums with other cruises coming up to join us. I can tell you that well over 80 Subaru’s showed up just for the East End cruise. (Yes I actually counted 54 around 30mins before we left). I will make another post for the actual cruise on the 401 and the line up outside of Subaru Canada HQ. And of course the amazing Hyper Meet!

All of the photos I took have the SWAGBARU logo, other photo credit goes to Leon B.

Opposites: Brad’s LOW Subaru (Won Lowest Subaru at the meet with 2.75″ frame to ground) and Jon’s slightly lifted 2.5i

GC Club!

Wagon Club! Black 07 has a STi swap with scoopless hood and a stealth FMIC.

Gillbert from Scraped Crusaders showed up along with Geoff and Matt

Antoni showed up like I told him to!

Did Alex paint his car white?

Digging this Foz XT

Time to go!

Swagbaru #165 – Wagon Wednesday Vol. 36 & Events

I apologize for the lack of posts and quality of posts lately.
This weekend in Toronto there are two massive car events Saturday is Importfest at the MTCC and Sunday more importantly is Toronto Subaru Club’s Hyper Meet, last year there was hundreds of Subies and I can guarantee there will be even more this year. If you are in Southern Ontario with a Subaru I highly suggest you go! Here are the details! See you there!

Swagbaru #164 – Wagon Wednesday Vol. 35

Just a quick Bugeye WRX

Swagbaru #163 – Brad’s Slammed Hawkeye

Here is Brad’s Low 2.5i on some 17″ Rotiform Nue’s
Photo Credit on the better photo’s to Chris from STREET|class