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Swagbaru #176 – Colin’s WRX

Here is Colin’s 05 WRX, these are beautiful photos and I would like to thank Justin from TwentyPSI for them.

Colin had just recently graduated High School and wanted to put some mods into his WRX so he worked over the summer and was able to get a complete custom 3′ turbo back exhaust along with a set of XXR 527 rims. In my opinion these rims are beautiful and you can never go wrong with them especially for the price. You will also notice it has an STi wing.


Swagbaru #175 – Jesse’s Slammed Forester Update

You may remember this wagon since I posted it nearly 2 months ago. Since then Jesse has been hard a work and within that time has added quite a bit to the car. It now sits on 17×8 Rota Boost’s with 3/8″ spacers on ’06 WRX struts with Tein Springs. Other additions include a GTspec roll center adjustment kit as well as Rallytech adjustable rear sway bar and endlinks.

Swagbaru #174 – Wagon Wednesday Vol. 41

I apologize for the lack of posts, I’m busy with school again ):
Here is Max’s 2011 STi Hatch in Satin White Pearl

Swagbaru #173 – Fall BRZ Shoot

Walking to class one day I saw a beautiful BRZ parked. I decided to leave a note for the owner and I wanted to set up a photoshoot. Some time later I finally found a spot and a time. I decided on Waterloo Park and when I went the parking lot was close to empty and it seemed like a perfect spot with the fall trees. After heading there with Gary (BRZ Owner) this Monday The parking lot was full. We were lucky to find a bunch of empty spaces which we could use. It was around 4:45 when we started and the sun was starting to set creating the weird lighting and shadows. At the time of shooting I thought the photos would look great but after looking at them on my computer I wasn’t happy with the lighting, shadows and many cars in the background. I decided to choose the best of the best so here they are.

Gary’s BRZ currently has BC Racing coilovers dropping the car, he has plasti-dipped his rims as well as added a Grimmspeed FT86 oil cap. Gary plans to do more to the car come Spring such as an Indivia exhaust and new rims.

Although I feel like this is some of my best work so far, I see many flaws in the pictures and I now know where to improve on them next time, I feel that I’m finally starting to progress with Automotive Photography.

Ok this post will now be posted later than I wished, last night I uploaded the photos to Flickr and posting them on here resizes them and they either get cut-off or are too small. Ontop of that the files are large and I’m having trouble uploading them to wordpress as well as Imgur so I will have to have smaller pictures. If you would like to see them larger on Flickr go here.

IMG_8338 copy
IMG_8352 copy
IMG_8358 copy
IMG_8368 copy
IMG_8375 copy
IMG_8380 copy
IMG_8393 copy
IMG_8408 copy
IMG_8409 copy
IMG_8413 copy
IMG_8416 copy